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WestJet scam calls on the rise; airline warns not to divulge personal details

Last Updated Jan 31, 2019 at 12:26 pm PST

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WestJet says scam calls using its name is an ongoing issue, advises you to hang up and report it

If you get a call from WestJet, it's most likely a scam; the airline says it will only call you for one reason

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) –¬†Chances are you or someone you know has received one of the scam calls claiming to be from WestJet.

They seem to be more common, and the airline has a warning.

“These calls are not coming from WestJet or a representative of WestJet. We don’t use telemarketers and we don’t sell information,” said Lauren Stewart with the airline.

She says she understands the scam calls are frustrating and explains the airline would only call you for one reason:

“If they had a reservation that was possibly changing in the very immediate timeframe. Say, there was a flight delay or a flight cancellation. Then, we might contact them via phone or email or text. But it would be because there is an immediate reservation.”

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If you do receive a call, the airline is reminding you not to share credit card details or other private information.

Stewart says scammers using WestJet’s name is an ongoing issue. There’s no word on where these calls are originating from.

“It’s very technologically advanced in how they do this. It is tough for us to handle. But we are aware and want to encourage anybody who’s receiving these calls to know that they are not coming from us.”

The company apologizes for the irritation, adding if you do get a scam call, you should report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.