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Health Canada proposes measures to tackle vaping among youth

Last Updated Feb 5, 2019 at 11:14 am PDT


Health Canada is asking for your input on several proposals that would place further restrictions on vaping ads

The feds have announced several proposed measures in an effort to protect kids, teens, non-smokers from vaping ads

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You may soon notice fewer ads related to vaping.

The federal government is looking at bringing in more restrictions when it comes to where ads can be placed in an effort to reduce exposure to children, teenagers, and other non-smokers.

Health Canada is asking for feedback on several proposals, including a ban on any advertisement that would run 30 minutes before or after children’s programming on TV or radio.

Other proposals include not allowing signs or billboards in certain public places where kids might go like malls, parks, and on buses, as well as measures that would prevent ads from being included in publications for children and teenagers, including those that are online.

There are already restrictions in place for vaping products through the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act, which include a ban on advertising that appeals to minors.

The new advertising rules, if implemented, would work in conjunction to “strengthen” the framework in place, Health Canada says.

In addition to the aforementioned proposals, Health Canada is also looking at requiring health warning messages on advertisements that are green lit, and would also restrict how vaping products are displayed in a shop.

The public will have 45 days to provide input on the proposed measures. The federal health minister has announced that Health Canada will once again be looking to the public for consultation in March on “further measures being considered to address and reverse the recent trends of youth vaping.”

These further measures include looking at flavours, nicotine concentration, and how vaping products are designed.

“I am deeply concerned about recent reports that youth vaping is on the rise,” Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said. “This includes stories coming out of schools across Canada, and emerging data suggesting that young Canadians are taking up vaping at an alarming rate.”

According to the federal government, there is evidence that suggests the number of youth taking up vaping is on the rise.

This week, the government launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the harms and risks associated with vaping, particularly among children and teenagers.