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Prepare for snow: forecast turns wintry on Friday

Last Updated Feb 7, 2019 at 6:49 am PDT

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Enjoy your commute this morning, tomorrow’s could be a lot messier.

All eyes are on the horizon for snow, which closes in later tonight and makes for a wintry Friday forecast across the Lower Mainland.

“Today, just a dry day,” Meteorologist Russ Lacate says. “In fact, a few extra sunny breaks for the morning hours, looking at the satellite photos the snow spreads in here maybe about 18 to 24 hours from now. But the clouds move in here as early as mid day.”

A special weather statement has been issued for both Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley with increased moisture hitting the South Coast overnight, ahead of “a fresh injection of arctic air,” Environment Canada says.

While you’ll want to prepare for flurries, Russ says there’s not as much in the forecast as initially feared.

“It might be less than one centimetre on the ground by tomorrow morning,” he says. “But the trouble is throughout the day on Friday.”

He says the wind will start to blow, the skies will be overcast, and there will be “swirling snow flurries,” along the mountains as well as the Lower Mainland.

“But it’s a very dry air mass,” he adds.

He is predicting between one and three centimetres on Friday in Metro Vancouver, but says more is expected in the Fraser Valley. The harder hit areas will likely get double that amount by the evening on Friday.

Environment Canada forecasts higher accumulations across portions of the Fraser Valley, as well as East Vancouver Island, southern sections of Inland Vancouver Island, and parts of Greater Victoria.

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