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Delta police warning of extortion scam targeting men and teen boys

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Delta Police are warning of a video call extortion scam targeting people here.

DELTA (NEWS 1130) — Delta Police are warning locals to be wary of an online scheme coming out of the Philippines where scammers are targetting men and teen boys, threatening to leak naked photos of them online.

The scammer begins by contacting victims on social media, and tries to escalate an online relationship using messaging and video calls where they can end up exchanging nude images. The scammer then threatens to post photos of the victim on social media unless he agrees to send them money.

In one case, police say a local man was contacted by someone claiming to be a woman living overseas. The woman apparently began showing herself to him partially undressed, and encouraged the man to reciprocate. The account turned out to be fake.

The person running the account claimed to have recorded a nude video of the man, and demanded $1,500 or she would post it online.

Instead of sending the money, he contacted the police, who told him to immediately stop interacting with her.

“Our officers are cautioning people to be careful when embarking upon online relationships, particularly when the other party lives overseas,” Cris Leykauf with the Delta Police says. “Taking part in revealing videos is just as risky as sending naked photos, as there is the possibility for extortion.”

So far, police say there have been at least three reports of this scam to Delta Police, and all cases seem to have come out of the Philippines.