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Cyber resiliency crucial to beating hackers, expert says

Last Updated Feb 9, 2019 at 11:01 am PDT


The typical Canadian organization faced 440 attacks in 2018, the study finds

Recovery from malicious attacks is crucial to maintaining customers

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) –┬áCanadian businesses are facing a huge number of cyber attacks and breaches, and a new report says there is a shift in the way they are dealing with hackers.

Numbers from Scalar Decisions suggest a typical organization faced 440 attacks over the past year.

With that constant barrage, the cyber security firm’s Chief Technology Officer, Theo Van Wyk, says there is a shift in the way companies are dealing with them.

He says protecting networks is important, but there is an increasing emphasis on being prepared to respond to malicious incidents, and to recover – cyber resiliency.

“This concept of being attacked and having to be ready to respond is the new norm,” he says.

Not that they are giving up on protection, but Van Wyk says it’s vital to get a company back up and running.

“It’s not just a concept of that protection, where I’m going to try to keep people out,” he says. “But it’s how do I enable my business that when something happens we can recover and carry on.”

Van Wyk says regaining the trust of consumers is vital to help any organization minimize the damage from a cyber attack.