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High winds batter boats at Horseshoe Bay

Last Updated Feb 9, 2019 at 4:51 pm PDT

High winds and large waves thrashed boats on the rocks on Feb. 9. 2019. (Ashley Burr, CityNews)

High winds are causing damage at Horseshoe bay, capsizing boats and sinking at least one shipping container

NORTH SHORE (NEWS 1130) — Boats smashing into the rocks, a sinking barge and shipping containers falling into the water are some problems caused by today’s strong winds at Horseshoe Bay.

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The Canadian Coast Guard was called on Saturday morning about a barge sinking in Horseshoe Bay with rental boats and containers on board. The Swells Marina barge capsized because of the windstorm storm, which caused some boats, used oil and fuel drums to fall into the water. Staff at the marina weren’t able to move in to secure the boats or debris because of strong winds and waves.

Ashley Burr with CityNews saw dozens gathering by the water to watch what was happening on in the water. Some were out with binoculars watching what was happening to their own boats, but tape — and search and rescue crews — prevented them from getting too close, or on to the boardwalk.

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“There’s at least two shipping containers in the water right now that I can see. There’s a bunch of boats being smacked together in one corner,” she says.

Marina staff, BC Ferries and the Canadian Coast guard are keeping an eye out on possible pollution from the tipped boats.

– With files from Ashley Burr and Peter Wagner