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Slow-go on the roads in snowy conditions

Last Updated Feb 11, 2019 at 11:33 am PDT

(Source: Paul Rascal via Facebook)

LOWER MAINLAND (NEWS 1130) – It might be the slickest commute so far this season.

Plows and sanders have been working along the major highways — Hwys 1, 99, 91 — but watch out for some of those turn-offs. They aren’t always cleared, and you may find yourself suddenly sliding through snow.

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Generally, it gets snowier the farther you travel into the Fraser Valley.

There are many major roads where lane markings are still covered. On 152 St. through Surrey, for example, it’s easy to drift into another lane without realizing it. The same goes for Brunette through New Wetsminster.

There aren’t the same problems on the North Shore, but it’s still icy there. Keep an eye out for black ice on Capilano Road.

For the most part, side streets in Metro Vancouver have not been plowed.

Generally, people seem to be taking things slow on the road. You’re asked to give yourself extra time for your morning commute and leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Mainroad calls in extra crews to deal with snow

Crews that maintain many of the major highways on the Lower Mainland are working non-stop — and Darren Ell with Mainroad says for the most part, they’ve been keeping up for the most part.

“Extra crews that came in last night are continuing on through the day. Our dayshift guys are supplemented with additional people, as well.”

With more snow in the forecast, Ell says their attention is largely on preparing for what’s coming.

“By getting the roads widened out as much as they can, getting some more salt down … getting that oatmeal-y snow off the roads as much as possible so we have more bare and black.”

Crews are asking you to slow down, and be patient around snow plows.

“It’s a slow process, in some instances, because of the amount of traffic that’s out there. Just stay away from the snow plows. Stay back. Don’t pass on the righthand side,” Ell said.

On transit, TransLink says there is a “slight reduction” in service, with some trains being manually driven. Photos on social media show big backups on some platforms.

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A crowd on the platform at Commercial/Broadway SkyTrain station on Feb. 11, 2019. (Courtesy: Twitter/@carsncars)

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