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Shovel sales up, as Surrey side streets remain slick for at least another day

(Kurtis Doering, NEWS 1130 Photo)

City of Surrey says crews won't be able to clear local roads until early Thursday morning, at earliest

Local hardware store says it has had to triple its stock of shovels due to demand

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It seems some old snow shovels are snapping because of this week’s blast of winter weather.

Kevin Dean with Southridge Hardware in Delta says he’s heard that from customers over the last few days. “Yesterday, the phone was ringing off the hook for shovels.”

He adds his store has need to triple its stock because of the demand. “This week, we started with about 50 shovels in stock. I’ve since been down to our supplier. In the past two days, I’ve picked up 96 shovels.”

There’s also demand for bags of salt at his store. But Dean says the more pet-friendly “ice melt “seems to be the preferred product.

“We’ve sold a couple skids of salt at the hardware store and a little bit more at the building centre. But ice melt seems to be the way people are going, these days.”

Surrey side streets won’t be cleared today

Side streets around Metro Vancouver have been slick, with several cars sliding or getting stuck. But the City of Surrey says crews won’t be able to clear local roads until early Thursday morning — at earliest.

Ray Kerr, manager of engineering operations, says crews have been working rotating 12-hour shifts since Sunday. They have been focusing on arterial routes. And now that the snow has stopped falling, they’re moving on to secondary roads that lead to those main ones.

“The thing with our side streets … are that crews don’t get an opportunity to get to those if we’re still receiving snow. So, as long as the snow falls, the crew’s main priority is dealing with our arterial and major collector roads. Once … those have been dealt with, they can then move on to the secondary roads and then, subsequently, on to the local roads.”

“Unfortunately the local roads, it does take some time for us to get there,” he admits.

He thinks that could happen during the early hours of Thursday or into the day — but he emphasizes that is all dependent on seeing no further snowfall.

Kerr is reminding you to clear your sidewalks and help others who aren’t able to do so. And if you see a snowplow, get out of the way!

“A lot of people don’t realize just how much room it takes a snowplow to operate. Give them plenty of room when you see them on the road.”