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Canadians in California concerned as Palm Springs is hit with heavy rains

Last Updated Feb 14, 2019 at 8:19 pm PDT

Unusual heavy rains are causing serious flooding in Palm Springs, California. (Source: Shane Wilson, Twitter)

Canadians vacationing in California are concerned about the heavy rains

Rains are causing flooding and road closures in the desert

PALM SPRINGS, CA (NEWS 1130 — The rains in Palm Springs just won’t let up, leaving some Canadians with vacation or second homes in the California State concerned.

Areas around the California resort city have been hit by a series of rain storms that started on Saturday.

Nicki Pukesh, who is from Pitt Meadows, has been in her home near Palm Springs for more than a month. She says she’s never seen rain like this before.

“We’ve never seen the desert so wet,” she says.

It’s starting to calm down, but she says the rains were causing some heavy flooding.

“One fellow was stuck somewhere and they were trying to get him off this little island that had become a raging river around it. Normally, it’s not even an island,” she says.

Many roads are washed-out some homes are flooded.

“All the washes and everything are all flooded over,” she says. “They have washes here where all the rain gets accumulated, and they’re like raging rivers right now. They’re telling everyone to stay off the roads.”

Crews have been busy rescuing people as the waters continue to rise.