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'She is one lucky woman': woman and dog safe after falling through ice in Surrey river

Last Updated Feb 15, 2019 at 8:20 am PDT


A woman and her dog are safe after they fell through the ice in Surrey's Serpentine River

Surrey Fire Battalion Chief says the woman was able to keep up her strength and bring herself to shore

Crews were very worried about the dog, which kept sinking and howling as it nearly drowned

SURREY (NEWS 1130) — She is one lucky woman. That’s what Surrey Fire Battalion Chief Reo Jerome said about a woman who managed to save herself after falling through the ice at Serpentine River in Surrey.

She fell through the ice trying to save her Husky dog who had fallen in after chasing a bird around 4:30 p.m near King George Boulevard.

“She was very fortunate. This could have ended tragically for her,” he says.

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The woman was able to keep up her strength and keep swimming, and the fire rescue crews coaxed her to the shore and encouraged her to keep going. She came out and was conscious, breathing, and doing well.

But he says his crew was very concerned about the dog.

He says they watched the dog keep sinking under the water, losing its strength, and coming back up for air.

“At one last chance it spread itself out and crawled up on the ice and made its way up onto shore,” he says. “It was on its last legs. It was howling, it would go under the water, it would come back up and let out a bark and a yelp and then go back under the water, so it was losing all of its strength.”

Thankfully, he says the dog now seems to be doing fine as well.

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The 18 firefighters that were there did not end up having to climb into the water to perform the rescue, which he says is very difficult rescue to do in cold, dangerous conditions.

He says people need to be careful around thawing ice on lakes and pond as the weather gets warmer.

“It’s not a quick and easy rescue for us, because we also have to be careful that we don’t put ourselves in harms way, and the dangers of the ice and cold water,” he says. “The Serpentine River doesn’t flow very fast, but it is tidal, but the ice isn’t as thick as it is on some still water and lakes.

“Even at that, people should not be going on the ice in situations like this.”