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Many people frustrated, as VCH warns of more measles exposure at busy Richmond sites

Last Updated Feb 25, 2019 at 6:57 am PDT

A measles, mumps and rubella vaccine is seen on a countertop at a pediatrics clinic in Greenbrae, Calif. on Feb. 6, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP, Eric Risberg

Two more confirmed cases of measles, warnings of exposure at YVR, Richmond Toys R Us

One man calls it 'idiocy' to not vaccinate your kids

Total measles cases in Metro Vancouver now sits at 13

RICHMOND (NEWS 1130) – Two more confirmed cases of measles around Metro Vancouver have led to warnings of exposure in some busy parts of Richmond.

The Toys R Us at Lansdowne Centre is one of those locations, where NEWS 1130 has heard from some very frustrated people.

One man calls it “idiocy” to not protect kids against childhood illnesses like measles. “Honestly, it should be against the law to not vaccinate your kids.”

“These are diseases that have been killed off. Because parents believe in such idiotic stories — vaccinations can be linked to autism and all those other things — it just amazes me.”

Another says he can’t believe there is an outbreak in Metro Vancouver. “We want decades with nothing, and now we’re seeing this isn’t just an isolated case.”

Meanwhile, one man we spoke with says it’s a sign of the times. “This generation that some are choosing to vaccinate and some are not … That’s what’s going to happen — all these diseases that were eradicated, basically, in our childhood, are coming back.”

Two new cases of measles have been confirmed in Metro Vancouver, bringing the total in February to 13 — all but one of which are related to this current outbreak.

The latest cases are two travellers who came through YVR on Feb. 11. One lives in the Vancouver Coast Health region, while the other was travelling through Richmond and YVR airport on their way to Edmonton and then the Northwest Territories.

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Locations people may have been exposed to the latest two cases of measles:

On Friday, Vancouver Coastal Health released a separate list of locations where people may have been exposed to measles.

These are locations where people with cases linked to an outbreak originating with a family bringing the disease back from Vietnam may have been:

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Alberta Health Services sent an alert over the weekend of a case of the measles, citing the first exposure point from Air Canada flight AC236 out of Vancouver.

After leaving YVR, the infected person stayed at a hotel and visited several locations near Edmonton Airport, and then flew to Inuvik, NWT the following day.

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VCH is asking that anyone who visited possible exposure locations to monitor their symptoms for 21 days after the exposure date. Those include fever, cough, runny nose, red eyes, followed later by a rash that starts on the face and spreads to the chest.

If you develop symptoms, you’re asked to contact your doctor before visiting them so they can make precautions ahead of your visit. You’re also asked to call VCH Public Health at 1-855-675-3900.

“Measles is a highly infectious disease that spreads through the air. Close contact is not needed for transmission. The disease can also be spread through sharing food, drinks, cigarettes, or kissing an infected person,” a news release from VCH said.

People who are at the highest risk of infection are those who have never been vaccinated or only had one measles shot. Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines taken within three to six days of being exposed provides some protection as well, according to VCH. People who are pregnant, immune compromised and under one year of age can get a medicine called globulin that reduces risk of severe illness if you get the shot within six days of being exposed.

 – With files from Espe Currie and Lauren Boothby