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How do you turn a profit on the end of the world?

In this June 23, 2016 file photo, a worker delivers Coca Cola products in Nashville, Tenn. A report published Monday by the non-governmental group CDP found consumer goods giants are working to lower their carbon emissions, prepare for the effects of global warming and respond to growing environmental consciousness among customers. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, File)

It’s not a hypothetical question. A collection of disclosures released by a U.K. nonprofit in January detailed the ways corporations are planning for the impact of climate change.

Most companies are bracing for environmental hurdles that will hurt their business models — and they’re not ignoring dire warnings, even if their governments are. But corporations are also matter of fact about the bright side: The coming increase in severe weather will also create plenty of opportunities to turn a profit. More people will get sick, for instance, or need to repair damaged property. In times of danger, people’s phones will become even more critical. There’s always money to be made if you can approach a situation the right way. So, what do the business models say about the coming climate catastrophe?

GUEST: Christopher Flavelle, Climate adaptation reporter, Bloomberg


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