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86-year-old Calgary woman takes up weekly boxing


Eighty-six-year-old woman in Calgary joins boxing to help her mental and physical health

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Eleanor has incorporated boxing into her weekly routine at 86 years old and says the changes to both her physical and mental health have changed her life.

“I walk straighter, I stand straighter, I have more energy,” she said. “[You just] feel better about yourself right down through your core.”

Eleanor turned to boxing as a way to look after her mental health when her husband passed away, a suggestion from her daughter Alex.

“And I really have seen she just has that confidence and that bit of spark that sort of is coming back for her,” she said.

And Conrad Corbiere, Eleanor’s trainer at Rumble Boxing Studio says she has excelled in her five months of lessons.

“It’s quite remarkable actually I’m a bit shocked at how fast we progressed,” he said.

-with files from CityNews