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Non-profit dental office treats patients who can't afford the dentist

Last Updated Mar 11, 2019 at 9:27 pm PDT

FILE - Dental offices will reopen gradually, when safe to do so, says the B.C. Dental Association (NEWS 1130 photo) (Source: iStock)

Two dentists in Surrey have opened a non-profit dentist office

The office treats patients who are uninsured and can't afford dental work

SURREY (NEWS 1130) –¬†Going to the dentist can cost a lot of money, especially without insurance, and that cost can ultimately stop some patients from seeking medical care.

That high cost has prompted two dentists to open up a non-profit, low-income dental office in Surrey.

Dr. Harpreet Singh Dhillon of Strive Dental says dental work can be so expensive, some end up out of the dentist’s chair for years.

When Strive Dental opened, he says, it was clear the services were needed.

“I’ve seen how elderly patients suffer, how even young children are suffering from lack of access,” he says. “And quite often the cause of the lack of access is a financial impediment.”

Dr. Dhillon says patients who can’t afford dental work get a discount at his clinic.

“Patients that are uninsured, they will get a 20 per cent discount across all services,” he says. “That would be for extractions, fillings, exams, cleanings.”

The office officially opened the weekend of March 9, and 100 per cent of proceeds will be donated to local charities.

“We’ve had many patients come through that have needed our treatment and they’ve said that [they] wouldn’t be able to seek dental treatment unless there was this financial help.”