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New app aimed at Vancouver coffee lovers

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Siply is an app to help you find coffee

It also provides discounts at coffee shops

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A new app might seem like it’s for Vancouver’s coffee snob elite, but Siply is built for the masses at some coffee shops in town.

The app tries to solve the age-old hot bean water lovers conundrum – where to go for a really sublime latte or cappuccino, or “cap,” if you’re in the know.

Enter Tom Fitzgerald, who is behind this app that not only shows you a detailed map of coffee spots around town, but might save you some cash.

“Essentially the more credits that you buy in the app, the bigger the discount that you get,” he says. “That’s just to incentivize people to use the app and to buy a bigger plan and more coffee.”

Fitzgerald started out as an anonymous coffee shop reviewer, but realized that there wasn’t a central place to find the good stuff, so he developed one himself.

The app is available in the Apple and Google app stores.