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Impound the car and take phone away, Vancouverites fed up with distracted driving

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There are growing calls for stiffer distracted driving penalties

If drivers can't behave, take their cars away say those who are angry that drivers aren't getting the message

The suggestions come after a driver in Vancouver received back-to-back distracted driving tickets within minutes

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Impound their cars and take their phones away, that’s what people fed up with distracted drivers are saying after Vancouver police handed out two tickets to the same person in just minutes.

The suggestions come after the driver received back-to-back tickets in just six minutes and just a block apart.

That driver received $736 in fines and will face up to $2000 in drivers penalties premiums.

“I do believe that that is justified,” said Paul, who says he wouldn’t want to see the fine any higher because rich drivers could just pay their way out while low-income drivers could lose their livelihoods.

“I think more restrictions on driving, having a drivers license revoked for an extended period of time if it is deemed necessary,” he adds.

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But others have suggested impounding vehicles, confiscating cellphones, bigger fines and even jail time for chronic offenders.

“I think three strikes is good, you get caught three times you should get your license taken away,” said another person to NEWS 1130.

Earlier this month RCMP in North Vancouver handed out 74 tickets in just two hours.

According to ICBC, distractions account for more than one-quarter of crashes in B.C. each year and kill an annual average of 77 people.