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Dog gets sick after eating pot in Coquitlam dog park

Last Updated Mar 23, 2019 at 8:22 pm PDT

Dorito, the chihuahua mix, fell ill after ingesting cannabis at a dog park in Coquitlam. (Source: Submitted)

Dorito, the chihuahua mix, got sick after ingesting cannabis at a dog park in Coquitlam on Wednesday

Michelle Tuan is urging people to careful where they are leaving cannabis

COQUITLAM (NEWS 1130) — A pet owner is thinking twice about going back to Coquitlam’s Leigh Dog Park after her dog got sick when he ingested some cannabis there this week.

Michelle Tuan says she knew something was wrong when Dorito, a chihuahua mix, started whimpering in pain a few hours after coming home from the park. At first, she thought he had a stroke.

“I tried to pick him up and he really started to cry out,” she says.

“He just didn’t look well. He had his head down and his tail tucked in. He kind of had his head cocked to the side. It was almost as if he was walking sideways.”

Tuan says she brought the little dog to the vet who found THC in his system after doing a urine test. He was given a charcoal solution, and he’s since started to feel better and is now acting like himself again.

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She says the whole ordeal was quite scary, but now she has to worry about her dogs’ safety in the dog park — a place her three dogs have enjoyed playing in for years.

“I would just never had thought that he would have been in danger for something poisonous. It’s very scary,” she says. “It’s just a fun place to go for them, and I’m really sad that I just don’t think I would want to take my dogs there again.

“I had that false sense of security that we were in the dog park and that they would be safe.”

Now Tuan is urging people who are using pot to be careful about where they leave it.

“I don’t care if people choose to use marijuana; just don’t be stupid about it,” she says.