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'Batman' shows up to save the day at Kelowna crime scene: video

Last Updated Mar 27, 2019 at 11:34 pm PDT

A man dressed as Batman is seen speaking with police at a crime scene in Kelowna over the weekend. (Source: Melissa Parent, Facebook)

KELOWNA (NEWS 1130) — Batman may be the hero Kelowna deserves, but it appears he’s not the hero it needs right now.

A humorous video posted to Facebook over the weekend shows a man wearing a Batman costume showing up at a Kelowna crime scene, apparently to offer help to the police. Melissa Parent captured the moment on video and posted it to her Facebook page on Sunday.

She says it’s something that would happen “only in Kelowna.”

“Is Batman here to save the day?” she asks in the video.

Police cars are seen surrounding a Kelowna home, when a man dressed in a Batman costume crosses the street and walks towards a police officer.

“What is even going on right now?” Parent says in the video. “Did they just kick Batman out?

It appears so.

A few moments after speaking to police, Batman turns around and walks back to his vehicle — a black Dodge truck with a yellow Batman symbol on the back.

A Facebook page belonging to “The Okanagan Batman” also seems to indicate Batman’s help wasn’t wanted.

“Stopped by to help but the RCMP had it under control,” the masked crusader writes in a post.

But the Okanagan Batman likely won’t be deterred — it looks like he’s been active in the community as a “silent guardian, a watchful protector” for years.

“You never know when you run into the caped crusader. But if you need him, he’ll be there, just send a message and the Bat-symbol will be sent high in the sky,” reads his Facebook page.

WARNING: Video contains explicit language

Yeah, we were freaking out a little. Only in Kelowna would you see Batman showing up to save the day!


Stopped by to help but the RCMP had it under control.

Posted by The Okanagan Batman on Saturday, March 23, 2019