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White Rock Pride Society says group was refused church rental 

Last Updated Apr 2, 2019 at 10:07 am PST

WHITE ROCK (NEWS 1130) – The White Rock Pride Society says it’s been denied access to a community centre to host an LGBTQ charity event.

The group has been looking for a bigger space to host their event so they reached out to the Star of the Sea community centre.

But Ernie Klassen with the society says they were told they couldn’t rent the centre because the group doesn’t follow the values of the Catholic Church, which owns the building.

Klassen with the society says he was surprised by the rejection.

“We’re all hearing that you now the pope is taking the Catholic church in a whole different direction so we were really quite taken aback by this,” he adds, noting the group thought the city had also come pretty far. “Last year we put in a rainbow crosswalk at the request of the White Rock Pride Society.”

Klassen says it feels like a major step backwards. He says the space shouldn’t be considered a ‘community centre’ if it only welcomes one part of the community.

Star of the Sea and the local Archdiocese refused to comment on the situation.