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New affordable units aim to help those with developmental disabilities

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Finding appropriate, affordable housing can tough for anyone in our region, but for people living with developmental disabilities, those challenges can be even greater.

With that in mind, the charity L’Arche is building 39 new affordable units in partnership with BC Housing as part of its community in Burnaby.

“I think in a society where isolation and loneliness is more and more a reality, it’s been named one of the greatest disabling conditions in our society,” Executive Director Denise Haskett says. “This building and the people living in it will really have an opportunity to come together in different ways and just have that sense of belonging and being part of something, together.”

If everything goes to plan, the building will be complete by 2021. It’s being built on

The plan is to address two issues — both related to the loneliness epidemic — around the Lower Mainland. The housing units will expand residential and program spaces for adults living with developmental disabilities, and will also offer additional affordable units at below market for those wanting to be part of the L’Arche community.

“It’s not just a building and it’s not just housing. What we’re really about, what L’Arche is about is about creating community so that’s the fundamental principle of this entire project and of L’Arche.”

Haskett says rent varies, and adds there will be subsidy units as well as housing income limits in place.

“There’s a variety. There’s no market housing and we’re still working through the details with BC Housing about that.”