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Langley Township councillor floats idea to ensure development, improvements go hand-in-hand

The Willoughby slope has been plagued by traffic for years. Now a Langley township councillor says he has a solution. (Ash Kelly, NEWS 1130 Photo)

The Willoughby slope has been plagued by traffic for years - now, a Langley Township councillor says he has a solution

Langley Township councillor hopes amenity fund could make a difference along traffic-plagued 208th St.

LANGLEY TOWNSHIP (NEWS 1130) – Congestion along arterial roads and the intolerable gaps in infrastructure — these are just two of the most obvious results when the speed of development outstrips the pace of road-building.

One politicians is hoping his idea could make all the difference along a stretch of 208th Street in the Township of Langley, where the aforementioned problems are common.

All developers would pay into Eric Woodward’s “A Real Plan to Finish 208th Street and Other Major Roads in Willoughby.”

The arrival of thousands of new residents over the last few years has meant increasing frustration on busy roads, especially on 208th Street.

Now, Woodward has had enough. He says development has outpaced infrastructure and investments, and it’s time those doing the building paid up.

He’s proposing an amenity fund that would raise money from developers, so taxpayers wouldn’t be burdened with finishing what he calls “badly needed” work.

“My solution ensures development pays for itself, which it must, while providing the funds needed to complete sections like 208th Street and 202A Street,” a post by Woodward on Facebook reads. “We have been adding thousands of new residents every year, all still without any plan for badly needed major roads and sidewalks. We must act now.”

Currently, he says the Township doesn’t build sidewalks or make road improvements until development happens. That, he says, “creates intolerable gaps” in infrastructure, resulting in congestion and a lack of walk-able neighbourhoods.

He says the new way of doing business would be similar to how the Township already funds new greenways.