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Trans model hopes to inspire others in new documentary

Last Updated Apr 11, 2019 at 8:40 pm PDT

A new documentary follows a young trans man's journey from woman to man. (Source: Submitted)

New documentary Krow's TRANSformation follows a model's transition from woman to man

The local filmmaker hopes the documentary can give young trans men someone to look up to

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A local filmmaker says there are not enough trans-male role models but she hopes through her new documentary, young trans men will have someone to look up to.

For three years, first-time filmmaker Gina Hole Lazarowich followed Krow Kian as he transitioned from female to male. “Krow’s TRANSformation” captures Krow’s first hormone treatment, to his decision to continue modelling as a man and eventually walking at Paris Fashion Week for Louis Vuitton.

A new documentary follows a young trans man’s journey from woman to man. (Source: Submitted)

There are other films documenting the journey of someone transitioning, but Lazarowich says there aren’t many that focus on female to male transition.

Initially, Krow hesitated to be part of the film because he feared backlash for being a trans man. But he eventually agreed because of how many other trans people it could help.

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“There’s always fear I’m never going to be seen as just a man, I’m always going to be a transgender man,” he said. “But, I never had a transgender role model for myself. So if I can be the role model for someone else, and help them in any way, then it would be really amazing.”

Filming began when Krow was 18 years old. Lazarowich says the story became “a metaphor for happiness.”

Since transitioning, Krow says he has been showered with nothing but “love and support.” Lazarowich notes this may not be the reality for many trans people, but Krow’s story is one of hope and finding your happiness.

Lazarowich admits at first she was worried about documenting such an intimate part of a young person’s life.

Krow modelling shoots before (left) and after (centre, right) he transitioned to male. (Source: Submitted)


“I didn’t know this would turn out to be this unbelievably happy event. It is the most unbelievable outcome for a documentary and a story like Krow’s will give so much hope to other people in the community.”

Lazarowich says this film, which focuses on how transition actually happens, aims to educate not only trans people but also their family, friends — and even policy-makers.

“Krow’s TRANSformation” will be aired this fall on OUTtv.