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BBB shares advice after hundreds of complaints filed against moving, storage companies last year

Last Updated May 1, 2019 at 11:54 am PDT


BBB is out with some advice for choosing a mover, storing company after hundreds of complaints were received last May

While there's a laundry list of complaints, the BBB doesn't want you to lump all movers together

Do your research, have everything in writing, take valuables with you when you plan a move: BBB

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It requires time, patience, money and trust: those are just some of the reasons many of us hate moving so much. From lost, stolen, or damaged items, we’ve all heard the horror stories that can come with packing your life up and taking it someplace else.

Missed delivery or pick-up dates, unscrupulous movers or storage companies taking advantage of you at a time when you have other things to worry about are just some other headaches people having to move deal with.

“Finding a place is really difficult,” one person tells NEWS 1130. “When you do, it costs way more than maybe the place is worth? Which is really frustrating.”

With over 700 complaints filed last May, the Better Business Bureau is out with a warning for anyone about to pack up their boxes this month.

There’s a laundry list of complaints but, the BBB doesn’t want you to lump all movers together.

It suggests avoiding those fly by night operations and recommends thoroughly checking out any company before hiring it.

The bureau also says to avoid movers who show up without uniforms, in unmarked rental trucks, and take any valuables with you rather than packing them up with the rest of your belongings.

Your told to always get everything in writing; this will help you avoid being held hostage by movers who’ve suddenly started to demand more money when your stuff shows up.

“Get three written estimates from different movers based on visits to your home,” the BBB says. “Though most professional movers do give quotes over the phone, it’s still a good idea to get written documentation of all the services you are receiving.”

This goes for storage companies too: make sure you have a contract written up so you can hold the business responsible.

Remember, if an estimate sounds too good to be true, the BBB says it likely is.

-With files from Kareem Gouda