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How to stop a hate crime before it starts

Last Updated May 7, 2019 at 7:23 am PDT

A teen girl in the subway. GETTY IMAGES.

Street harassment, confrontations and hate crimes are on the rise. We have the numbers and we see viral videos of these incidents every day. If you walk the streets or ride transit or shop in your city, there’s a decent chance that if you’re not a victim yourself, you’ll be near an incident when it happens. So if it does, how can you intervene? What actually works?

We asked this question in our office, and none of us had a good answer. If we see someone being victimized, we want to help, but often we don’t know where to start. Or it happens too fast for us to step in. Or it feels too dangerous. Or we’re in a professional situation and we don’t know what speaking up might cost us. None of those things are excuses, but they’re all thoughts that can prevent action. We wanted the tools to take action, and we wanted to make sure you had them, too.

GUEST: Shakil Choudhury, co-founder Anima Leadership, author, Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us Vs. Them

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