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Fall back no more: Daylight saving time all the time in South Carolina?

As the clocks move back an hour, some Canadians we spoke to enjoy the time change. (iStock Photo)

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The B.C. government is still mulling it over, but it looks like more U.S. states are pushing for daylight saving time to be in place year-round.

South Carolina may soon join the states that are calling for Congress to authorize daylight saving time all the time.

The South Carolina House Judiciary Committee approved a bill Tuesday, saying the General Assembly plans to adopt year-round daylight saving time if the move is authorized by Congress in a federal law.

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Around two dozen other states are considering or have passed similar legislation. President Donald Trump tweeted the day after the time changed in March that “Making Daylight Saving Time permanent is O.K. with me!”

The bill goes to the House floor. It has already passed the South Carolina Senate.

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Some lawmakers had concerns about children going to school in the dark in the winter or South Carolina being out of sync with its neighbours if they don’t pass similar laws.