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12-year-old dials 911, asking Ontario police to find him a new family

Last Updated May 11, 2019 at 9:09 pm PDT

OPP officers on security detail walk past a cruiser in an undated file photo. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Dave Chidley

SIMCOE, ONT. (680 NEWS) —  Police in Ontario are asking people to remember about the toll a 911 call takes on resources after officers in Norfolk County in Southwestern Ontario.

Police say a 12-year-old boy in the Simcoe area dialed 911, asking police to find him a new family.

Investigators showed up at the boy’s home address and learned he made the call after becoming upset when his parents asked him to get off the internet to help wash some dishes.

“The use of 9-1-1 for emergency response continues to save lives when used appropriately and the OPP want those who need urgent help to use 9-1-1,” police said in a release. “The OPP also encourages families to discuss proper use of 9-1-1 to prevent hang ups and misdials from occurring.”

On average, police say it takes at least two officers approximately 30 minutes to respond, investigate and clear 911 calls, putting enormous pressure on OPP resources when officers respond to unnecessary calls that can be prevented.