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Firefighters rescue missing dog stranded on ice near Kelowna

Last Updated May 22, 2019 at 8:17 pm PDT

A dog stranded on the ice in Kelowna was rescued by firefighters. (Source: Submitted, Derek Henderson)

KELOWNA (NEWS 1130) — Firefighters in the Kelowna area swam through some cold water to help save a stranded sled dog this week, a husky that had been missing for four or five days.

A hiker spotted the dog on some thin ice on a frozen lake on Monday at the Big White Ski Resort. Deputy Fire Chief at Big White, Derek Henderson says the the dog was cold, hungry and scared.

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Some crew members went out in harnesses, and they swam out and got the dog.

“He was lying on the ice, howling, and was afraid of the water, didn’t want to swim to safety,” he says.


Fire crews with a dog they rescued after it was stranded on the ice in Kelowna. (Source: Submitted, Derek Henderson)

Luckily, crews were able to rescue the dog, and when the returned the dog to its owners, it was an emotional reunion.

“They had almost written him off at that point, five days missing out in the woods and overnight, and it’s been pretty cold up here still,” he says. “They were very surprised and very happy to see him again.”

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Henderson says he has rescued animals before from burning homes, but this was the first time he was there just to rescue an animal.

He says its a reminder to pay attention when walking out in the back-country with pets, and keeping them on-leash.