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Vancouver mothers, daughters to 'sleep out' so homeless youth don't have to

Last Updated May 30, 2019 at 7:11 am PDT

FILE PHOTO: 57 professionals took part in the 3rd annual Covenant House Vancouver Sleep-Out. in February. (Tim James/NEWS 1130 reporter)

More than 50 mothers and daughters will take part in the Covenant House sleep out on May 30

Participants are sleeping out on the street for one night to raise awareness, money for Covenant House

Covenant House provides various outreach programs and supports for homeless youth

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A warm, safe bed may be something that many people are used to, but for a large number of youth in Vancouver, it’s seen as a luxury.

In an effort to support those youth, Covenant House Vancouver is holding its Mothers and Daughters edition of the Sleep Out to raise awareness and money for its outreach programs.

Fifty-five local mothers and daughters are taking part in this edition of the movement.

Held across Canada and the U.S., it sees people of all ages and backgrounds try to raise critical funds to help support Covenant House and its work to help youth who may face many cold, lonely nights until they find their way through the organization’s doors.

Equipped with only a sleeping bag, toque, and a piece of cardboard, participants in the sleep out take to the street to spend a night outside in solidarity with those youth who may be struggling.

According to Covenant House, there are between 500 and 1,000 young people living on the streets of Vancouver on any given night. They’re found in all parts of the city, including areas considered dangerous.

“Sexual exploitation, drug abuse, poverty and illness are commonplace,” the group says on its website.

Many of these young people have left an unsafe situation, only to find themselves in another one on the streets of the city.

Covenant House provides various services, including nutritious meals, programs at its drop-in centre, mental health and addiction supports, as well as a residential crisis program.

This year’s goal is to raise $175,000 for the outreach program, which sends youth workers out onto the streets to make contact with young people. Through their contact, these workers can provide emergency assistance, as well as build a relationship with someone who may be feeling alone.

NEWS 1130’s Lasia Kretzel and Hana Mae Nassar will be taking part in the Covenant House Mothers and Daughters edition on Thursday, May 30th.

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