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Tornado near Ottawa snaps trees, damages buildings

Last Updated Jun 3, 2019 at 10:59 am PDT

Trees were snapped by a tornado that tore through an Orléans neighbourhood, damaging homes and vehicles, on Sunday, June 2, 2019. (Jason White, 1310 NEWS)

A tornado brought down trees and left houses destroyed as it passed through an Ottawa suburb on Sunday

Residents of Orléans -- near Ottawa -- are cleaning up after a tornado ripped through the community this weekend

No one was killed and only one person was hurt when the tornado passed through, an Orléans city councillor said

ORLEANS, Ontario – Chainsaws and wood chippers are revving in the Ottawa suburb of Orléans, after a tornado twisted a path of destruction through neighbourhoods on Sunday.

Several homes sustained damage to their roofs, as the winds ripped the shingles and underlay off, exposing bare the plywood underneath. Trees snapped in the winds, crashing down on top of vehicles and homes in the area.

“There’s probably 20 to 25 streets that sustained quite a bit of tree damage, some roof damage as well,” said Matthew Luloff, city councillor for Orléans Ward.

Luloff is among those in Orléans who are relieved that the human toll wasn’t higher; no one was killed and only one person was injured.

“One gentleman sustained minor injuries during the cleanup, and he’s going to be just fine,” Luloff told Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe on 1310 NEWS, a sister station of NEWS 1130.

Residents were out Sunday evening with chainsaws, and city crews are out chipping up the fallen trees on roads and in city parks, Monday. However, all of the scars from this tornado will likely take some time to fade.