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Surrey dad shocked after son attacked at school

Last Updated Jun 4, 2019 at 4:12 pm PST

Fraser Heights Secondary School is shown here in a photo from 2006. (Source: Surrey School Board)

The high school student is shown in a video, surrounded by teens, and then kicked in the face

Surrey RCMP confirm they are investigating the incident

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – A father in Surrey is hoping to curb escalating violence at his son’s school after a group of students attacked the high school student on Monday.

Paul Pederson has seen video of the incident that was shared online. It shows his son on his knees in a wooded area behind Fraser Heights Secondary School. He’s called a snitch by a group of teenagers surrounding him and forced to kiss one attacker’s shoe before being kicked in the face.

“This is what you get for snitching, bro,” one of the attackers says in the video. “I didn’t snitch,” Pederson’s son can be heard responding.

Pederson says it began on Friday, when two of his son’s friends were fighting over a girl.

“No one wants to see their children get hurt. I can empathize for even the boy that attacked my son – he was attacked on Friday, I spoke to his father and his father is also very distraught that his son was attacked.”

But Pederson wonders why the school hasn’t done more.

“[The kids] didn’t cool down, they just got angrier and angrier over the weekend and then they struck out at whoever they could, which was my son.”

In a letter home to parents on Tuesday, the Fraser Heights principal said police have been notified about both incidents, and are working with the school to follow up with the students involved.

Pederson wants to do more to prevent the violence from escalating.

“Something bad is going to happen if we don’t stop this now, if these families and these children don’t meet and agree to walk away from all this,” Pederson says. “What me and the other fathers are hoping for is a meeting and a peaceful resolution so our kids can go back to being in a safe learning environment.”

Surrey RCMP confirm they are investigating, and looking at connections between the incident on Monday and the one on Friday, when an airsoft rifle was found in the bushes at the school.