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Mother says harsher punishments needed for bullying after son attacked last year

Last Updated Jun 9, 2019 at 9:10 am PST

A mother says her 14-year-old son was thrown to the ground, punched, kicked and kneed in the head last year at Killarney Secondary School. (Source: Submitted)

Yet another video of a violent bullying attack has surfaced -- the third in the last week

A Vancouver mom says more needs to be done after her son was violently attacked last year

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A heartbroken mother is calling for change after her son was beaten at a Vancouver high school last year, as yet another disturbing video of a playground attack has surfaced online.

The incident is the third violent bullying incident caught on video in the Vancouver area and released over the last week.

Shannon Copeland was shocked when she found out her 14-year-old son was attacked at Killarney Secondary School, and says schools need to do more to address bullying. She has since moved her son to a different school across Vancouver, and is calling for serious consequences for those involved in incidents of playground bullying.

Video of the attack shows her son surrounded and repeatedly kicked by several older students.

“There was four different kids that attacked him. They kicked him, they kneed him in the head, he fell to the ground and they kept beating on him,” she says. “I saw it on social media. He didn’t tell me because he was scared that if he told there would be retaliation.”

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When she took her concerns to the school, she says the students involved were suspended, but no further action was taken.

“We were not supported. We were told, well do you really want these kids to have criminal records just because this happened?” she says. “I had to pull my son out of his home school and put him in a different school across the city. We were made to feel unsafe.”

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Copeland adds when she took the issue one step further, her concerns were dismissed.

“I told the school board that they said you need to let this go, everybody needs to move on,” she says.”We fought to the bitter end, and were made to feel like we were being troublemakers. It never went further, we weren’t allowed to have a meeting with the other parents. It was really disappointing. There was no justice.”

While her son now attends a different school, Copeland says the attack has a lasting impact on her family. She says in order to prevent more violence in class acts of bullying and violence need to be addressed and met with serious consequences.