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No imminent threat to Jewish community in Vancouver, despite rise in hate crimes


Police Chief Adam Palmer says, though the Jewish community is the most common target in his city, people here are safe

Palmer adds the threat of terrorism is regularly monitored in partnership with the RCMP

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Despite Canada still being under a ‘moderate’ threat level of terrorism, Vancouver’s police chief says there’s no imminent threat here.

Adam Palmer offered that assurance after people attending a police board meeting at the Jewish Community Centre heard more hate crimes are being reported in Vancouver with most committed by anti-semites.

“These are things we do take very seriously. I understand the concerns of our community. We do evacuation drills, active shooter drills. We do run, hide, fight scenarios. Our officers if they are called to a site like this, they are familiar with the site even before we arrive.”

Palmer says even though the Jewish community is the most common target in his city, people here are safe.

“There’s no specific threat against the Jewish community or anyone else in Vancouver right now. Having said that we do have a moderate threat level for terrorism in Canada generally since the attacks that happened in Ottawa. We monitor that on a regular basis with our partners in the RCMP.”

Palmer insists there’s no specific threat of terrorism here.

“There’s a general moderate threat level in Canada but nothing specific in Vancouver that anyone needs to worry about. But we are prepared in case something happens.”

He was speaking with reporters after this month’s police board meeting which was hosted by the city’s Jewish Community Centre.