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Fraser Valley woman claims to be victim of theft twice while asleep at Abbotsford hospital

Last Updated Jun 14, 2019 at 5:14 pm PDT

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A Fraser Valley woman is sounding the alarm after she claims she was robbed at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, twice

The woman says she was a patient at the hospital both times

Raeleigh Good tells NEWS 1130 she has concerns about security and overcrowding at Abbotsford hospital

ABBOTSFORD (NEWS 1130) – Robbed while in the most vulnerable state. A central Fraser Valley woman says she’s been a victim of theft while sick and sleeping at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital — twice.

“I feel very violated,” Raeleigh Good tells NEWS 1130, adding she’s worried about both security and overcrowding.

The first time Good claims she was robbed was last September. She had gotten sick while in the States and went straight to the hospital, where she was given a bed in a hallway after finding out she had an infection related to kidney stones.

“I had my purse — which I had underneath me, under the blankets when I slept — and I was just in a gown,” Good explains. “During that time, while I was sleeping, someone had flipped me over, gone through my purse and taken my wallet. At the time, that really sucked because my passport was in there, my children’s passports were in there, my debit card.”

The debit card was tap enabled and used at a gas station near the hospital and Good pegs the loss at over $700. She reported it to police and the hospital, which she claims blamed it on her for having valuables on her.

“They said it was my fault that I had those things on me that I should not have anything of any value on me while I’m in the hospital. So I just sucked it up and that was it.”

Good says the second time she was robbed at the hospital was this past Wednesday. This time, she was given a bed in a “storage nook” after getting an infection related to a hysterectomy two months ago. When she woke up, she says she found her things rummaged through, and her visa card gone.

“It makes you wonder, like, ‘did that person touch me while they were in there?’ I don’t know, I have no way of knowing,” she adds. “You shouldn’t have to worry about someone coming into your space while you’re asleep or while you’re unconscious.”

Good cancelled the visa but didn’t report the theft because of how she felt the staff dealt with the first one.

She cites overcrowding as a major concern and says if the issue persists, the hospital needs to install more cameras and have more security spread out throughout the hospital.

“Truly, you can get on an elevator and you can get onto any floor in that hospital and there is no one, anywhere asking who you are, what your business is there,” Good adds.

“It breaks my heart that it’s even a situation people have to deal with in a hospital. We should feel safe, we shouldn’t feel vulnerable there. That should be a safe place to be.”

NEWS 1130 has reached out to the Fraser Health Authority for comment.

In an emailed statement from Fraser Health, 16 reported incidents of theft were recorded in the past two years. However, due to patient confidentiality, details cannot be released on specific cases. Because hospitals are public places, there is no immediate stand to hire more security. Patients are being reminded to leave all valuable items at home.