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Pro-choice rally planned for this weekend cancelled by organizers

The 'My Body, My Choice' event has been cancelled due to a "booking issue" (Courtesy Facebook/Walk On Vancouver)

The event was supposed to take place in Downtown Vancouver, but has been cancelled due to a "booking issue"

Organizers of the pro-choice rally say the lack of space for the rally and march caused the cancellation

Plans to reschedule the event are being made

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A pro-choice rally planned for Saturday morning has been cancelled, thanks to a booking issue.

Organizers of the rally took to Facebook this evening, saying the event had to be pulled because the space at the Vancouver Art Gallery had been double booked.

Lack of space is the ultimate reason behind the cancellation.

Organizers say they are “deeply disappointed” by miscommunication from the Gallery, adding they plan to reschedule the rally and march.