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Raptors win could mean big boost in Canadian basketball's popularity

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — Canada sits atop the basketball world soaking in the sweet feeling of a Toronto Raptors championship.

But even though that journey is over, this is just the beginning of the story.

Many, like University of Calgary Women’s Basketball Head Coach Damian Jennings, believe the win could do for Canadian basketball what Vince Carter did for Toronto basketball.

“I think the potential of it is massive, I think it’s been simmering for a while, and where I come from in the U.K. they call it the Wimbledon effect you know everyone starts playing tennis straight after Wimbledon,” he explained.

“I think that this is going to have an impact.”

In fact, Jennings says Canadian basketball programs may find themselves in a position where they can’t keep up with the demand to play.

“Is any sport ready if it has this kind of impact and I guess no, probably not, if it goes crazy, but they’ll definitely enjoy the challenge and the project and the problem to solve,” he said.

He adds the face of Canadian basketball is likely going to be a multi-sport athlete as kids move away from sport specialization.

–With files from CityNews