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Not clear who pulled the fire alarm during anti-SOGI event at UBC

Protestors gather outside UBC during a speech by controversial anti-SOGI speaker Jenn Smith. (Source: Brad Dirks, Twitter)

A fire alarm was pulled during a speech by controversial speaker Jenn Smith at UBC on Sunday night

Smith is critical of B.C.'s LGBTQ-inclusive education resource SOGI 123

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Someone pulled the fire alarm at UBC last night during a presentation by a controversial speaker, but there was no emergency.

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The alarm was pulled during a controversial presentation by Jenn Smith criticizing transgender rights and SOGI 123, an educational resource used in B.C. schools meant to protect LGBTQ students from bullying. Three people were arrested as protestors disrupted the event.

Vancouver Fire is confirming there was no good reason for the eight firefighters and two trucks to show up around 7 p.m. Sunday night, but punishment is out of their hands.

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While RCMP could recommend a mischief charge for pulling the alarm, Vancouver’s bylaw to deter this kind of thing doesn’t apply since this happened on university lands, which are not within city limits.

Vancouver Fire says UBC could consider punishing the person responsible, if they are a student.

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The protests Sunday night followed requests for the presentation to be cancelled by an organization representing 5,000 UBC staff members and by the student club UBC Students Against Bigotry.