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LOS ANGELES (AP) _ While the “Leaving Neverland” documentary made some Michael Jackson fans question how they feel about him, his popularity has not waned all that much in the decade since his death. Ian Drew of Billboard magazine says Jackson was “broke beyond broke when he died, and now he’s very much a billion-dollar industry.” Some radio stations stopped playing Jackson’s songs after the documentary, but Drew says streaming of Jackson’s music went up. The Jackson estate wiped out his debt and turned profits by releasing three posthumous albums and the hit film “This Is It,” as well as creating two Cirque du Soleil shows and selling The Beatles catalogue and other song rights. The Jackson family is working on a film marking the 50th anniversary of The Jackson 5, but film produce Jodi Gomes says a network backed out of committing to air it after “Leaving Neverland” aired. Today marks the tenth anniversary of Jackson’s death.



071333-w-350:16-(Margie Szaroleta (zar-oh-LEH’-tah), AP music correspondent, with Ian Drew, Consumer Editorial Director for Billboard magazine)-“I’m Margie Szaroleta”-Michael Jackson’s popularity endures, even after new scandal (25 Jun 2019)

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071334-a-141:12-(Ian Drew, Consumer Editorial Director for Billboard magazine)-“all of this”-Michael Jackson’s popularity endures, even after new scandal (25 Jun 2019)

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071335-a-136:08-(Ian Drew, Consumer Editorial Director for Billboard magazine)-“great music anymore”-Michael Jackson’s popularity endures, even after new scandal (25 Jun 2019)

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071336-a-88:32-(Ian Drew, Consumer Editorial Director for Billboard magazine)-“billion dollar industry”-Michael Jackson’s popularity endures, even after new scandal (25 Jun 2019)

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071337-r-498:72-(Michael Jackson, performing “Bad”)-“(music fades)”-Michael Jackson’s popularity endures, even after new scandal (25 Jun 2019)

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SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) – The mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, has apologized for a racist incident involving Sam Cooke in 1963. KSLA reports Mayor Adrian Perkins apologized Saturday during a festival dedicated to Cooke. He also gave Cooke’s daughter Carla a key to the city. In 1963, Cooke had a scheduled performance in Shreveport and a reservation at a Holiday Inn, but he and his wife were turned away because they were black. When Cooke and three others protested, they were arrested for disturbing the peace. Cooke was inspired by the events to write the song “A Change Is Gonna Come.”


UNDATED (AP) – Boz Scaggs is putting his tour on hold while he deals with an undisclosed medical condition. Scaggs says his doctors have ordered him to rest. He’s expected to make a full recovery. Scaggs says he’s disappointed because playing is his greatest joy. The concerts affected are through July 9. His next scheduled date is Aug. 13 in Portland, Oregon.


VERNON, N.Y. (AP) – The Woodstock 50th anniversary concert may still be a go, just as a smaller event. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports Woodstock 50 has applied for a permit to hold a concert on Aug. 16-18 in Vernon, New York. That’s about 35 miles east of Syracuse and about 115 miles from Watkins Glen, where the anniversary concert was originally supposed to be staged. Town of Vernon Supervisor Randy Watson says the proposal calls for a capacity crowd of about 50,000 people, while the original called for 150,000. The lineup includes The Killers, Miley Cyrus, Santana, Dead and Company, Chance the Rapper, Jay-Z and Imagine Dragons.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Rick Ross dropped 100 pounds in part because he couldn’t sleep. Ross says he averaged about two or three hours of sleep a night for years. Ross had suffered seizures and acknowledges he “was just living the fast lifestyle.” He says his doctors said his body was telling him it could not take that anymore. Ross says now he feels “wonderful.”



071305-a-137:04-(Rick Ross, rapper)-“definitely was one”-Rick Ross shows off 100-pound weight loss (25 Jun 2019)

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071304-a-94:08-(Rick Ross, rapper)-“I wasn’t sleeping”-Rick Ross shows off 100-pound weight loss (25 Jun 2019)

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NASHVILLE (AP) – Morgan Evans believes one of the joys of living in Nashville is that he gets to play tourist in his own city. Evans says one of his favourite things to do with his wife, Kelsea Ballerini, is walking around town after dinner. Russell Dickerson says he goes to the Country Music Hall of Fame because it’s impossible to take it all in at once. Hunter Hayes says he’s downtown all the time and he goes to concerts in Nashville quite a bit. When Tyler Rich is home in Nashville, well, he stays home and hangs out with his dog. However, he says he likes to go to other cities and see their zoos.



071314-a-156:72-(Morgan Evans, country singer)-“is right there (3rd reference)”-Nashville stars play tourist at home (25 Jun 2019)

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071313-a-74:64-(Hunter Hayes, country singer)-“need a guest”-Nashville stars play tourist at home (25 Jun 2019)

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071312-a-147:84-(Russell Dickerson, country singer)-“me, it’s crazy”-Nashville stars play tourist at home (25 Jun 2019)

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071315-a-106:80-(Tyler Rich, country singer)-“of a dork”-Nashville stars play tourist at home (25 Jun 2019)

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by Margie Szaroleta

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