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Several cars damaged after being hit by car-carrier ramp on Highway 99

Last Updated Jul 11, 2019 at 4:19 pm PDT

(Courtesy Robin Bachman)

RICHMOND (NEWS 1130) – Several cars have been badly damaged after the ramp fell off a car-carrier truck on Highway 99 in Richmond.

It happened at around 2:30 this afternoon, Robin Bachman was driving down the highway when he says his truck was hit.

“I was heading south towards the tunnel right, and I saw a large piece of metal bouncing in the left lane. I was right beside the median, there were cars on my right. I couldn’t swerve, I didn’t want to jam my breaks, I had to drive over it and I blew my tires.”

Bachman says he wasn’t the only one left with flat tires following the incident, adding many drivers had to suddenly swerve or stomp on the brakes to avoid being hit by the ramp.

“Someone else was behind me, he had also blown his tires. We both pull over to the HOV lane and two more cars passed us with flats. We called the police, they came in and blocked off the road and emergency trucks came to take us off the highway.”

He says it was a scary moment, adding he was forced like many others to swerve and avoid the piece of metal.

“It was part of a loading ramp. We’re just nervous and shaken up. It was scary being on the highway trying to get through the lanes of traffic that couldn’t see what was going on and were continuing going at normal speed. We just had to inch our way over to the HOV lane. I was hoping that it wouldn’t bounce into my windshield, or hit my hood.”

Bachman says at least five cars were damaged, most of them having their tires blown out.

There’s no word on any injuries and the cause isn’t known.