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How modern parenting became an insane competition. And how we can stop it.

Last Updated Jul 17, 2019 at 3:30 am PDT

A mother using her smartphone to photograph her sons riding their bicycle and scooter on a neighbourhood sidewalk. GETTY IMAGES

In today’s Big Story podcast, even if you don’t have kids, you’ve seen competitive parenting. It’s on your Instagram or Facebook account every single day. My kid can sit up! Mine uses a spoon! Mine can do a perfect backstroke!

It’s exhausting, but this is what parenting in the age of social media has come to for a lot of parents—even those, like today’s guest (and your host), who swore it would never happen to them. How does this cycle of competition begin? What do doctors have to say about it? How can parents let go? And why are “milestones” even a thing?

GUEST: Sarah Boesveld, Chatelaine (and occasional guest host of The Big Story)

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