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A test of endurance: local fans weigh in on Vancouver's struggling pro sports teams

Last Updated Jul 19, 2019 at 8:06 pm PDT


With all three of Vancouver's major teams struggling in recent times, some locals think they have the answers

From better management to more support from fans, locals in Vancouver give their thoughts on the city's struggling teams

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Closely following a professional sports team in Vancouver is becoming a test of endurance and resolve.

With all three major teams struggling in recent times, NEWS 1130 is finding out what you think — is there any way out of this mess?

When we think of pro sports, we think of stamina. But with the BC Lions fumbling through the CFL season, the Whitecaps stumbling at the bottom of Major League Soccer’s Western Conference, and the Canucks having an extended summer for the fourth season running — the real fortitude test in this city these days is in the stands.

“We love the teams we have,” says one Vancouverite. “It would be nice to see one of them win.”

So what’s the answer?

“We just need better management, better optimism,” another local fan says.

“Maybe we need more fans going out I guess? Team spirit — the city coming together to cheer them on,” suggests one woman, who points out the increased interest in the NFL appears to be drawing fans away from local teams. “Lots of people here, in terms of football, cheer for the Seahawks and stuff — and more into NFL, and not so much into Canadian football. Maybe we need to rally around the Canadian teams a bit more.”

Some people around Vancouver believe we do have an alternative to the big three.

“People have got to understand where we live,” says one man. “Look at all the travel the sports teams have to do. What do you expect, eh? They try. I don’t think any of them are not trying. Go to a [Vancouver] Canadians game and have some fun.”

Some people think they have the answer — one woman says maybe we just need a new team.

“It would just be really nice to see us get somewhere,” she says. “It would be nice to see us with a basketball team too, with all that excitement over the Raptors and everything.”