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VSB backs down from decision to remove basketball hoops at several schools after parent, student backlash

Last Updated Jul 21, 2019 at 3:33 pm PDT


Vancouver School Board will be reinstalling basketball hoops at four school after they were taken down due to complaints

Students, parents frustrated by the VSB's decision to remove the hoops took to social media to air their disappointment

It's still not clear when exactly the basketball hoops will be put back up

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Some kids haven’t been able to play basketball after the Vancouver School Board removed several hoops across the city, citing noise complaints.

However, following backlash from angry parents and disappointment from students, the hoops are now going back up.

They were taken down after complaints from neighbours living near four schools in question, including General Gordon Elementary, were made.

“We did do some inquiries and asked about it, because there was a concern,” Carmen Cho, a VSB trustee, said.

Parents took to social media, calling the removals a “nightmare”, and “ridiculous”.

While the hoops will be going back up, it’s unclear exactly when that will happen. It could be as early as this weekend.

“We’d like to see that children have a place to go and play, so it does look like we will be able to reinstall the hoops and allow the children to have a place to go in the summer to play basketball,” she tells NEWS 1130.

Cho believes it’s important to promote sports and exercise, adding once the hoops go up there will be additional signage about court hours to address the noise complaints.

“Vancouver School Board wants to support student well being throughout the year, and we’d like to see that children have a place to go and play.”

After a big season for the Toronto Raptors, Cho notes there has been a lot of interest among students when it comes to basketball.

“As a former resident of Toronto, I was certainly so thrilled to see them win and see how involved people across the country were,” she said. “And I think that’s why we’re really excited that we can put the hoops back at those facilities because we have seen kids wanting to take up basketball across the city. We want to support that, we want to support our kids being active.”