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'He's like an angel': Calgary woman describes officer who altered her life forever

Last Updated Aug 2, 2019 at 12:05 pm PDT

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — A Calgary woman is saving up her money to reunite with an officer who changed her life.

Back in 2006, Krisi Ferris says she hit rock bottom and was wandering the streets of Vancouver’s downtown east side dragging her luggage behind her when she met an officer.

“I just want to go home to be mom to my daughter and he said ‘well are you sincere about that?’ and I said well ya of course I am, like of course and he said ‘okay well I’ll pay for your room tonight, I’ll take your money,’ and I’m like no you won’t, because it’s all survival out there, no you won’t and he said ‘no I’ll take your money and (…) get you a bus ticket.”

The next morning, Ferris recalls being handed a brown-bagged lunch from the officer’s wife.

“And he handed me this Cabbage Patch Doll with blue hair I remember it and I was like omg that’s really sweet ‘that’s for your daughter when your family comes to meet you (…) at the bus station’ he had talked to my family and they had arranged to come and meet me.”

A few years ago Ferris decided to write a Facebook post looking for the officer who bought her that ticket home, hoping to thank him for helping turn her life around.

“What if something happens and he never gets that credit?” she questioned. “He never gets to know that you changed one person’s life and in turn, I get to try to push and try to change other peoples lives because I believe in them, I do, I see beauty in the mess that they think they’re in.”

Recently RCMP Staff Sgt. Brent Elwood’s wife saw the post and they’ve exchanged messages. Now Ferris is hoping to save up and take a trip to reconnect with the officer.

“I do want him to see me like this, I want him to see that I was a good person then, I’m a better person now because of him,” she explains. “I would hug him, I just want to put my arms around him, he’s like an angel, he came out of nowhere and he disappeared.”

With files from CityNews’ Crystal Laderas.