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Vancouver among top 10 cities in global work-life balance ranking: study

Last Updated Aug 8, 2019 at 9:10 am PDT

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Vancouver has ranked 10th in a list of 40 cities around the world who boast good work-life balance

The ranking is put together by a U.S.-based mobile security company

Two other Canadian cities made the list: Ottawa in 11th place, and Toronto in 13th

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – How has your work-life balance been lately?

A ranking of the 40 best cities in the world for living a balanced life puts Vancouver in 10th place.

That’s according to Kisi, a U.S.-based mobile security company, which compared data on work intensity, institutional support, legislation, and livability across a number of cities around the globe.

They used these assessments to determine which cities’ residents have the most well-rounded work-life balance.

Only two other Canadian cities were ranked other than Vancouver — Ottawa found itself in the 11th spot on Kisi’s list, while Toronto ranked 13th.

The company also looked at factors like the amount of vacation days offered per year to workers. It found that, on average, employees in Barcelona and Paris take advantage of the most amount of vacation days, whereas residents in San Francisco, San Diego, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles take the least.

Kisi notes that its study “is not designed to be a city livability index, nor is it intended to highlight the best cities to work in,” but rather aims to improve the lives of citizens by improving the aspects of life that help relieve work-related stress and intensity.

The top three cities in Kisi’s ranking were all in Europe; Helsinki at first, Munich in second place, and Oslo, in third. They have been described as the cities that promote “the most holistic work-life balance, compared to the most overworked cities in the study.”

Tokyo, Singapore, and Washington, D.C. have been listed as the most overworked cities.