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Are Albertans feeling more American?

Last Updated Aug 11, 2019 at 10:40 am PDT

FILE - Pumpjacks are shown pumping crude oil near Halkirk, Alta., on June 20, 2007. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Larry MacDougal

Nearly 43 per cent of Albertans say they feel they have more in common with the U.S. than Canada

Mario Canseco with Research Co. says the results also showed a generation gap

ALBERTA (NEWS 660) – A new poll has found some Albertans feel they have more in common with Americans than their fellow Canadians.

About 700 Albertans responded to a survey conducted by Research Co., and were asked if they side more with the views of their American neighbours than they do with the rest of Canada. Nearly 43 per cent said they feel they have more in common with the U.S. The survey comes at a time when many Albertans are expressing frustration with the federal government, with some even calling for separation.

Mario Canseco, the president of Research Co., says the survey’s responses show a significant generation gap for those who feel they have more in common with Americans.

“If you’re a millennial aged 18 to 34 [and] if you’re aged 55 and over you’re more likely to feel this way,” he says, adding Generation X is more likely to fall on the Canadian side.

Respondents were also asked about their views on separating from the rest of the country, and only a slight minority agreed with the idea of independence. Canseco says that number has dropped from 58 per cent to 44 per cent since initial polling in December.

“There’s maybe more hesitation from residents to say that they would strongly disagree with the idea of Alberta becoming its own country,” he says.

Canseco points out the majority who agree with separation or feeling closer to the U.S. voted for the United Conservative Party in the last election.

When Albertans were asked who they thought the best premier was for the province, 44 per cent said Ralph Klein and 17 per cent said Rachel Notley.