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'The Beast' won't be ready for PNE Fair following malfunction

Last Updated Aug 15, 2019 at 12:57 pm PDT

(Source: www.pne.ca/rides/the-beast/)

Playland says no timeline for repairs to The Beast, which broke down mid-ride Monday

Amusement park says safety track record speaks for itself

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – PNE Fair-goers won’t be able to tame The Beast this year after the popular attraction broke down mid-ride, but operators are sticking by their safety record.

While acknowledging Monday’s incident was frightening for people at the ride failure, the PNE says there was no risk the structure would buckle.

“Playland has a ride safety record that is enviable to parks around the world, and part of that is because of the multi-layer safety process that we have on all of our rides.” Playland representative Laura Ballance said, adding all rides are inspected daily by the operator. “Each of our rides are inspected by Technical Safety BC prior to the park opening in the spring.”

Visitors were showered with oil, but no one was seriously hurt when the ride broke down. Patrons who were aboard the spinning, pendulum-style ride say it began to shake and make a noise like metal grinding on metal.

Playland will ensure the ride is operating safely before it allows people back on.

“We don’t have an ETA on that. It will do in exactly when it is ready to go in and not a minute before. We will go through all of the procedures we need to until we’re very comfortable that the ride is ready to be re-entered.”

The two-week-long Pacific National Exhibition, which includes the Playland amusement park, opens this weekend.