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Missing the normal sporting lineup? Check out these obscure during the summer lull

Last Updated Aug 18, 2019 at 3:21 pm PDT

(CREDIT: iStock user serezniy)

CALGARY – It’s the dog days of summer: the Blue Jays are out of it, not everyone is on board with Canadian football, so where do you get your sports fix during the summer?

Unless you’re a hardcore baseball fan, August is a pretty slow month for most sports fans, making it the perfect time of year to discover some of the wackier sports out there–some you may wish you’ve never even heard of.

If you have access to a U.S. provider, you could tune in to ESPN 8 to find an obscure sporting lineup, including shin-kicking, motoball, and the World Series of Beer Pong.

Shin-kicking is exactly as it sounds–two opponents face off by kicking each other’s shins. Competitors are not allowed to wear steel-toed boots, but they are allowed to stuff their pants full of hay as a way to protect themselves and lessen the blow.

Motoball is a form of soccer, only instead of being equipped with the regular cleats, teammates are ripping around on motorcycles. The game is also played with a larger ball.

Pie throwing, or “pieing” may seem like a game only played at a carnival, but it has its own official sporting event where you score points for mashing baked custard in your opponent’s face.

There’s another sport involving food: mashed potato wrestling. That’s another sport that is exactly as what it sounds like and it’s a fan favourite in Clark, South Dakota.

And that brings us to every frat boy’s dream: the World Series of Beer Pong. That tournament comes with thousands of dollars in prize money.