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Can you guess which Canadian city buys the most NFL tickets?

(PHOTO: iStock)

CALGARY – With the NFL season less than two weeks away, many Canadian fans have already bought their tickets.

But which Canadian city is buying more tickets? The answer may surprise you.

You may think Toronto has the best sales in the country being close to the Buffalo Bills, or perhaps it’s Vancouver’s fans making the three-hour drive to catch a Seahawks game most often.

But it’s actually Calgary leading the way with the most ticket sales in the country.

According to StubHub, the city has twice the amount of sales than second-place Toronto. Edmonton, Vancouver, and Montreal wrapped up the top four.

So who are Canadians cheering for when they buy their NFL tickets? While border teams like Buffalo and Detroit are popular, others are heading to see their favourite teams play in the sunnier destinations like Miami and big tourist places like Nashville and New Orleans.

Maybe an NFL team in the Great White North isn’t a bad idea after all.