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Conservatives win Faroes Islands general election

HELSINKI — Initial results show that the opposition People’s Party has won a general election in the Faeroe Islands as the ruling Social Democratic Party lost its position as the biggest party in the parliament.

With all votes counted by officials on Sunday, the conservative People’s Party, led by Joergen Niclasen, had gathered 24.5% per cent of votes and eight seats – two more than the 2015 election – at the 33-seat Lagting assembly in this semi-autonomous Danish territory between Scotland and Iceland.

The Social Democrats, led by Prime Minister Aksel V. Johannesen, took the second spot with 22.1% votes and seven seats, one less than in the previous election.

The Faeroe Islands is an 18-island rocky, volcanic archipelago that is home to 49,000 people of which 20,000 live in Torshavn, the capital.

The Associated Press