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All options for Granville Street Bridge redesign will reduce number of car lanes

Last Updated Sep 6, 2019 at 7:47 pm PDT


The city has settled on six options for the redesign

People are invited to give feedback at a series of open houses and through an online survey

The chosen design will be presented to city council some time in 2020

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Every option for the new Granville Street Bridge has one thing in common — fewer lanes for cars.

After the first phase of consultation, the city has settled on six possible designs.

No matter which the city proceeds with, drivers will lose two lanes. But Manager of Transportation Design Paul Storer says this won’t make traffic any worse.

“We heard a lot from drivers to be sure that we were maintaining motor vehicle volumes,” he explains. “The lucky thing about this bridge is that it’s eight lanes wide, it has a ton of additional space. Basically, you could take the traffic that’s there and more or less fit it into two lanes in either direction.”

The redesign is meant to make it easier for people to get around without driving.

“Something needs to be done. Nobody likes how walking and cycling work across that bridge,” Storer says.

The possibility of making the bridge more conducive to foot and bike traffic was first set out in Vancouver’s Transportation 2040 plan.

A series of open houses and an online survey will give people an opportunity to weigh in on which of the six options they want to see.

The chosen layout will be presented to city council in early 2020.

Drawings and descriptions of all six options are in the gallery below.