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Vancouver Island couple rudely awakened by early morning robbery in Kits

Last Updated Sep 20, 2019 at 7:57 pm PDT

(Image courtesy Jamie Savoie)

A man broke in to a couple's truck at about 5:30 a.m. Friday, startling one of their dogs

The would-be robber stole their bear spray, which he used against the man

VANCOUVER — A Vancouver Island couple and their two dogs were jolted awake after an attempted robbery of the truck they were sleeping in Friday morning.

Jamie Savoie says what followed was a three-hour ordeal with an ultimately happy ending.

At around 5:30 a.m. Savoie and her partner, who was in town to work on a film set, were sleeping in their truck with their two dogs when the window was smashed.

“We caught him in the act because we were in [the truck],” she says. Her startled partner sprang into action, giving chase to the would-be robber on a residential street near Kits Point.

“The guy stole bear spray from our car … and used the bear spray on my partner,” she says. “He unleashed the whole can, it was absolutely insane.”

It was only after calling police and getting medical attention for her partner that Savoie realized their dog Morgan was no longer with them.

“My smaller one gets quite startled. She actually jumped out of the back of the truck,” she explains.

Morgan was found a couple kilometres away, near Spanish Banks. He has been reunited with the couple and their other dog Wesley, who was unfazed by the dramatic events of the morning.

“It was probably the longest three hours of our lives,” “We had people all around the neighbourhood who were helping us look for the dog. They were so kind.”

She says now that Morgan has been returned, the only things missing as a result of the robbery are an old backpack and a hiking guide that has sentimental value to the couple.